5 Steps to Carve a Pumpkin!

Halloween is creeping up on us and one of its most fun traditions is my favourite, carving pumpkins! Its kind of like the ultimate "don't play with you food" faux pas! The crafty gene runs in my family so heres my arty sister Kate (who loves carving pumpkins) sharing her top 5 tips on how to do it!

1. Draw in your design. 
When doing this try to use a non-pernimant pen as when your finished carving you can rub off any pen left on. Kate likes a challenge so she drew a silhouette of a witch brewing up a potion in a window. Pretty cool!

2. Prepare the carving area.
You'll need a sharp knife (be carful), rubbish bag, scoop or spoon and a candle, tea lights work best- pretty simple! You can buy pumpkin carving sets from supermarkets to make it extra easy. 

3. Make a lid
Cut off the top of the pumpkin, this will make your lid and protect your candle from blowing out.  


4. Get scooping! 
Time to scoop like you've never scooped before! This can take a while and be sure to have removed all the pumpkin seeds. 

5. Carving time!
Kate used a scalpel - you can create delicate designs from this but if you don't have one a small sharp knife will do. 

After carving simply pop in the tea light, wait for it to get dark and enjoy your spooky work! For the caldrons smoke Kate carved the shape of the cloud of smoke and removed the pumpkin skin. This allows some light to shine through and can give your designs that extra depth and wow factor! 

Enjoy being crafty with your pumpkins and have fun! What will you carve into your pumpkin this Halloween? 


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