Halloween Baby Bat Costume DIY

This picture makes me so happy! I love Halloween and I'm so excited that Lux seems to be into it too! We've been watching Halloween episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba and reading Meg and Mog books to get in a spooky mood and now I've made Lux her first bat costume!

This was her first costume last year, oh how things change so quick!

BOO! Lux is ready to spook our Halloween party guests!

I used this H&M Bat Onesie as a base for her costume, you could use a plain black onesie or if your feeling really crafty you can make everything from scratch!

I made her a bat mask, cape wings and bat booties! Everything is made from black felt which is pretty easy to work with and so good for baby costumes!

You'll need:
  • Black felt
  • White Felt
  • Purple sequin ribbon
  • Black & purple embroidery thread
  • Halloween ribbon
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Needle 
  • Paper
  • Pencil

First off I measured Lux's arm span (hand to hand), back length (neck to bum) and arm length (hand to shoulder.) Cut a piece of black felt arm span x back length and fold in half. 

Cut out the shape of a bat wing in paper, like in picture, pin to the folded felt and cut out your bat cape.

Unfold your felt and sew the sequin ribbon onto the cape to give it a little sparkle and Halloween drama! Cut 2 small pieces of ribbon and sew onto the edges of your cape, this will help the cape fold out to look like wings!
Measure the arm length from the ends of the cape and sew 2 more pieces of ribbon to create the neckline. Easy peasy! You could use velcro instead of ribbon if you'd prefer to stick the cape on.

I added a little "BOO" detail using some white felt that I glued on using fabric glue. Cape done!

To make the bat mask measure around your childs head and cut a rectangular piece of felt half that size. Make a paper template of your mask shape and cut along it.

I added little bat ears to mine.

Cut out 2 pieces of ribbon and stitch to the ends of the mask, easy!

I think Lux looks so adorably spooky!

To make the cute Bat Booties click here! They're not as difficult as they look! 


  1. How amazing! You are very clever :) She looks super happy with her outfit :) x

    1. Thanks! I'm glad she likes it, it wont fit her for long though as she's growing so fast!

  2. That looks fab and I think even my non-crafty hands could get to grips with that. I LOVE her babygro too!

    1. Great! Give it a go,its pretty easy really xxx

  3. OMG that is an amazing costume, love it! Halloween is the best!

    1. I know, I can't wait! Hopefully Lux will love it even more next year!

  4. This is, hands down, the most perfect halloween costume I've ever seen. Genius :) x

    1. Thanks! Can't wait for the weekend so she can wear it out! x

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Jess! She also has a witches costume if she needs a costume change, its good to be prepared!

  6. oh Lux you are so cute!! love this Laura! x

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks Adele! It was really fun to make and didn't take too long, my favourite kind of crafty activity!


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