Lush Wizard Hat Review - A Special Halloween Treat!

Lush is without a doubt my favourite cosmetics brand! I love their quirky creations that not only look and smell amazing but make you feel fabulous too and they are handmade with great care but most importantly for me, I love that they care so much about animal welfare and are 100% cruelty free!

When I'm looking to treat myself, and everyone deserves to from time to time, my go to indulgence of choice is a Lush product!

As Halloween is my favourite time of year I was sooooo excited when I discovered Lush's Halloween collection including this "Wizard Hat" which I ordered from their website. Lush bath bombs delivered straight to my door, YES PLEASE!

Lush's products are always beautifully presented, from their thoughtfully designed wrap knot scarves to their simple "naked" recycled packaging and with The Wizard Hat the box is just that, a wizards hat! I was so excited when I opened the box to see directions to turn into into a hat, genius! Its these kind of thoughtful, playful details that makes me love them as a brand so much.

Star Light, Star Bright - Bath Melt.
In all the years of buying Lush cosmetics I have to admit, I've never had a bath melt before! Can you believe it? Now I have tried this lovely one, boy am I hooked! I adored the lime and ginger scent that after a busy day, felt a lot like a uplifting spa treatment! The first thing you notice when placing it in your bath is the gorgeous shimmery silver glitter that wistfully disperses into the bath whilst the the star itself made of organic shea butter and extra virgin coconut oil slowly melts away in hues of turquoise! Truly magical!
Next on my bath melt wish list is the Dreamtime bath melt and the rather festive The Melting Snowman!

Wizard - Bubble Bar.
Prepare to fall under the spell of this little magical dude! Crumble him under running water and watch as mounds of bubbles magical appear and the water turns a majestic purple! This little fella helps you feel uplifted with its tangerine oil, juniper and fennel essential oils, trust me your weary body will thank you!

Sparkler - Bath Bomb.
Well I know why they call it the Sparkler, I've never seen so much glitter in a bath bomb! It was amazing how sparkly the bath was, and I LOVE glitter! PLUS it is rose-jam scented, which happens to be my ultimate FAVOURITE Lush fragance so I'm in love! Watch as it fizzes away, spinning and changing colours much like a fireworks display. Confession time, I liked this so much I bought another one straight away!

I hope you treat yourself to a Lush product this autumn and if you've not written your Christmas wish list yet, checkout their enchanting Christmas collection! I have my eye on the:


  1. Seriously the cutest! Why is Lush so incredible?

    1. I got the pumpkin bubble bat too, soooo good! X