Nice to see you at last! My BonLook Glasses.

I have a little confession to make, I wear glasses (or "gligs" as we call them up north!) Not even my friends knew I wear glasses as for years I felt pretty embarrassed wearing them and only put them on in dark movie theatres or when I'm playing video games. I got my last pair when I was about 19, eh quite a few years ago now and they had see-through frames as I couldn't decide on a colour! They looked a bit like science goggles! Then last Christmas I came across BonLook, a US website where you can buy prescription eyewear and sunglasses and suddenly I was a proud glasses wearer and how could I not be in these fabulous cateye frames!

I treated myself to a pair of the "Selfie" glasses in Caviar, silver glitter to you and me! At the moment they are on sale so be sure to check them out!

I love a bit of sparkle!

I love the cateye frames and I LOVE the name, so cute! Plus the live up to their name and look fab in selfies!

One of the things I really enjoyed about my shopping experience with BonLook was their easy to use and well design website, I was on it for ages! I was a bit worried about ordering glasses online and especially from overseas as I knew any returns would be a pain but luckily I fell in love with them instantly! I did a lot of research about BonLook before I placed my order and their customers seemed really happy and I love how they use customer photos on the site to illustrate what your glasses look like on lots of different faces, great idea! I was also conceded whether or not they would fit but they have a simple process for online fitting that was surprisingly easy and accurate, to be honest the hardest thing was choosing just 1 pair as the designs are so modern and on trend!

The only problem I encountered was paying the custom tax, which I completely forgot about including in the price but if your aware of that you should have no problems at all! I would defiantly order from them again, maybe a pair of sunglasses next?

These funky shades aren't from BonLook, they were 40p at a charity shop!

Très chic Lux!


  1. Wow, those are seriously amazing! I love them and they look fantastic on you. Sometimes I almost with I needed glasses. I am of course really glad I don't need them, but if I did I'd definitely pick an amazing pair too;)

    1. Glad you like them! They are the best pair of glasses I've ever had and super sute with glitter x