The Great British Blogger Review

Its Wednesday and for the first time in 10 weeks I haven't been baking, this is both sad and quite honestly, freeing! Don't get me wrong, I'm so glad I started The Great Blogger Bake Off in honour of my favourite TV show, The Great British Bake Off but baking every week actually turned out pretty hard at times with work, looking after my daughter and life in general! I've also really enjoyed myself and sharing my recipes. Like the contestants on the show I have had my baking highs and lows. I learnt that I can bake pretty good when I want to although don't get me wrong, I'm no professional! This challenge pushed me in ways I didn't expect both in baking and myself, it taught me a few things about myself that I didn't know. I feel much more confident baking now and would give anything a go, I just need to remember to follow the recipe! 

My Favourite Bakes:

My first favourite was my first bake, the Classic Marbled Vanilla Cake with Homemade Lemon Curd, I'm still really proud how it turned out and I really enjoyed making the pastel frosting! I was inspired by my favourite cake blog, Coco Cake Land and I'll have to try another one soon.    

My second favourite bake was my Pumpkin and Spiced Chai Sugar Donuts just because they were soooo tasty and made a perfect seasonal treat!

Finally my third favourite bake was my Rapunzel Plait Bread because it was so easy! I'm not a big fan of kneading, I don't think I do it right and this recipe hardly needs any. I wish all my bakes had been that easy.  

My Worst Moment:
Thats easy, when my Black Forest Gateau cake, which was going great, melted in front of my eyes! Everything was going so well, the sponges had risen, my cream was fluffy and my jam was sweet and boozy but, as I was in a rush, I didn't wait for the jam to cool so the cream and sponge melted. My heart sank with every crack that appeared but not all was lost...

My Best Moment:
How I reacted to my melted cake above! I was so stressed and sad and felt desperate to salvage some of my tasty cake so I went for a walk and by the time I came back I'd realised that it was only a cake. Seems obvious now but at the time I didn't!

So I scooped up my sponge, cream and jam and placed them in ramekins and I made the pink mermaid tails and created my Synchronised Swimming Mermaid Desserts which have been my post popular Bake Off post to date! I was pretty proud that I turned a bad situation into my most popular! 

I had so much fun baking but the best thing about The Great Blogger Bake Off it was getting other bloggers involved. They too shared recipes every week and kept me inspired to carry on when I was ready to give up. Some of them are now thinking of making baking a regular feature on their blogs and that makes me so proud! I'm so happy to have shared some baking love!

Want to catch up on all my recipes? Below is a full list, enjoy and please bake them!

Week 1 - Classic Marbled Vanilla Cake with Homemade Lemon Curd, Chocolate Frosting AND Vanilla Sour Cream Frosting 

Week 2 - Magical White Chocolate and Raspberry Unicorn Biscuits  

Week 3 - Rapunzel Plait Bread  

Week 4 - Elsa's Blueberry, White Chocolate and Popping Candy Cheesecake 

Week 5 - Queen of Hearts Trio of Tarts 

Week 6 - Synchronised Swimming Mermaid Desserts 

Week 7 - Pastel Kitten Eclairs 

Week 8 - "I Love Autumn" Pumpkin and Spiced Chai Sugar Donuts  

Week 9 - Black Magic Macarons  

Week 10 - Haunted Halloween Cake

I'd like to end by saying a BIG thank you to all the bloggers who joined in the Bake Off Challenge, if they baked for 1 week or all of them, I couldn't have done it without you all!

Don't worry, its not completely the end of The Great Blogger Bake Off! We'll be doing a Christmas special and then theres always next year!


  1. Hi hun! Can I participate on the Christmas one?! xx

    1. Hi! Of course you can! Anyone can join in, I'd be so happy to have you on board! Best to like the Facebook page in the post for updates x

  2. I'm still amazed by your mermaid desserts, such a clever way to make the best of it! I'm so glad everyone is coming back for Christmas, I can't wait to see all the posts :) x

    1. Thanks Hannah! The Chritsmas special will be so beautiful and get us all in a Christmasy mood for sure! X

  3. EEEK! I'm glad you did this recap of all your recipes! I'd forgotten about those cutie kitten eclairs! YOU KNOW I LOVE A KITTY!!

    1. Thanks Lori, it's quite a collection isn't it! X

  4. I love your idea, for this year I saw it too late. But next year count me in!

    Anca @ ancaslifestyle | UK

    1. Great stuff! Feel free to join in at Christmas xxx

  5. I've loved seeing all of your incredible desserts and I love that you were able to step back and make the best of it when your cake sunk!

    1. Thanks Kelsea, I made quite a a lot didn't I! I'm looking forward to the xmas speacil! xxx