What's in a name? Lux's Naming Story

I thought choosing a babies name for my daughter would be easy but boy was I wrong! I've always day dreamed about having children and started a list of my favourite names so that I'd never forget one.

My list of favourite girls names:
  • Tigerlilly
  • Rose
  • Alice
  • Tabbitha
  • Ruby
  • Valentine
  • Scarlet
  • Kitty
Boys names: 
  • Rueben
  • Binx
  • Soloman
  • Presley
  • Sailor
  • Kosmo

When the little blue line appeared on the pregnancy test, I got out my list and suddenly naming another person seemed like such a big responsibility and one I totally underestimated! What if he or she didn't like it? What if they got teased or thought it was boring? Your name follows you around all your life, some people love their name, others loathe them and for others or like me, feel quite indifferent about their name! I don't mind Laura but I have always wished I had a more "interesting" name. When I was little I went to art classes at the weekend and there was a boy called Merlin. I'm not sure I'd wish for any thing as unusual as that but I did feel like having a different name somehow made him different, interesting and obviously memorable! That's probably why I chose such a unusual name for my daughter!

We found out we were having a girl early on so at least the search for a name halved but it was still really difficult. What if she didn't look like a Alice or Tabbitha? Was Rose and Ruby too popular that year so that there would be lots of "Roses" and "Ruby's" in her class? I wanted her name to be as unique and different as she was going to be!

We changed our minds about names weekly but then out of the blue we started referring to her as "Lux" in texts and in conversation. Lux is a name I've always liked since I came across it whilst reading The Virgin Suicides when I was 13. It seemed so unusual and strong to me, I'd never heard it before and would never forget it.

When she arrived rather unexpectedly at 27 weeks (you can read her birth story here) it felt like there was no time to think about names. Suddenly there she was, with us and she needed a name. There was no way she was just going to be known as "baby" in hospital. She deserved a name, an identity, a personality, a future. Crazy how we attach these important things to a simple 3 letter name. So here's her full name in all its beauty and their meanings.

  • Lux - means "light" in latin. 
  • Olympia - means "from the home of the God's." (Greek) I've always loved Greek myths and my Granddad would tell me them as a child. I also love the Olympics and the inspirational spirit behind them.
  • Mavis - a mix of both my grandmothers names, Maisy and Doris. I want Lux to inherit their strong and fun loving natures. 
  • Hardy - My partner Jon's surname. 
  • Hunter - My maiden name that I kept when we got married. 

Its a bit of a mouth full but when she was born at 2lbs 2oz she was so tiny, I wanted her to have a big name!

I chose Mavis about a week before Lux arrived. I lost both my grandmothers in the space of a year and it was important to me that my daughters name incorporated theirs and in some magical way, inherit their strength, fun and kindness. I'm proud to have been brought up and surrounded by strong women all my life and I'm proud of where and who I'm from, hence why I kept my maiden name and I'd like for Lux to feel that pride too. 

Lux suits my little ray of sunshine right down to the ground. In the end we went with our hearts when it came to choosing her name and I'm so glad we did.

I still keep my list going and at some point we'd love to have another baby. Here's some of my current favourites:

  • Clementine
  • Harlow
  • Odessa
  • Felix
  • Betsy Blue

So whats in a name? When I started writing this blog post I thought that names were quite trivial to be honest. You change them if you don't like them and we give each other nicknames, but when I think about it names are so personal, loved and precious. Growing up, my Nan would always encourage me to write my full name and be proud of it and I never really understood why but now I think I do.

Whats your favourite baby names? I'm always on the look out for new names to add to my list!


  1. This is a beautiful post! I loved the name Lux as soon as you posted it (I too knew it from the Virgin Suicides), it's different without being too unique (unlike Apple, for example!).

    I've had three names picked out since I was about 13 (though if I continue to be this unmaternal they're probably going to be gifted to pets!); Phoebe after my maternal grandmother, Nathan after my maternal grandfather and Clara after his mum who died when I was about 18. I'm now also appreciating Jemima, which is the name of a very special great aunt on my Dad's side, one of the sweetest, kindest people I have ever been lucky enough to meet.

    So here's a little about them:
    Phoebe: Greek meaning 'light' or 'pure', a Titan associated with the moon.
    Clara: Latin for 'clear', 'bright' and 'famous'
    Nathan: Hebrew 'gift from god'
    Jemima: Hebrew meaning 'Little dove'

    Though as you say, you never know until you meet them, so we'll have to wait and see!

    1. Oops, that should have said paternal grandmother, Phoebe Violet Phillips was my dads mum, though everyone called her Vi, as is often the way in Wales! Nathan and Clara were middle names of Eric and Ethel too though, so it all sort of works :)

    2. Hi Katy, I love how much you've thought about this too! Your lucky to have such beautiful names in your family, I reckon not everyone is as lucky! xxx

  2. Lovely post, Laura! I love unique names, and she is one gorgeous girl. I think Clementine is adorable! I already have a couple of special names on reserve for when I have children.

    xox Sammi

    1. Thanks Sammi! I'm glad you like it, its always good to save your favourite I think :) x

  3. Lux is on my list too! From Virgin Suicides
    I love the fact it means light too
    I always loved Lily and Rose but they're pretty common names now
    Clementine is such a cute name!

    1. Thanks Claire! I think Clementine's a definite possibility if we had another girl :)