My Christmas Tree!

Its officially Christmas now! I'm no scrooge and my decorations go up at the end of November (and I have been known to put them up earlier) and I never see the problem with getting festive early. Heres a little peek into my winter wonderland! 

Its the first year we've had a white tree and I love it! I went for a candy stripe look with my tinsel and lights. I'm very sentimental when it comes to my decorations and all of them mean something to me and every year we add a new one. This year we made an adorable finger print decoration with Lux that I'm waiting to get glazed, hopefully I'll share it soon. 

Every year my homemade christmas village comes out and this year it was nestled behind the tree on the bookcase keeping some of my festive films company. 

This is one of my favourite decorations, its a pic of my old dog Zac who was my best buddy who sadly passed away a few years ago. I love that he's always a part of our Christmas traditions.

I made this decoration of Bellamy from felt and his legs, tail and ears move!

Cheasire cat ornament from Disneyland! I have quite a few from Disneyland as you'll see.

This Lady and the Tramp decoration is so adorable as they have moving heads that kiss!

My fairy is very special, she's from China town in San Fransisco where we went as part of our honeymoon. I love that she's not you're typical star or angel!

Our Santa is from Hawaii, another one from our honeymoon.

I love this glamours pin up decoration! I little touch of naughty for the tree!

You've got to have some unicorns on your tree right?

Even Lux has her own tree in her room with little fairy decorations and cupcakes all made by me! 

I hope you enjoyed putting up your tree, whats you're favourite Christmas decoration?


  1. woah so colourful! love the tinkerbell and the dog ones.

  2. That is super colourful! I'm loving the felt dog you made so so cute! X

    1. Glad you like it and my bellamy decoration is one of my favs!

  3. Replies
    1. Kitsch is my favourite (if you haven't noticed) ;)

  4. This is just amazing! I love everything about it! x

  5. Wow! This tree is stunning. So special and magical. I love our decorations too. They all have meaning and I love putting them up each year. xxx

    1. I'm so happy you like it and your tree sounds lovely too x

  6. This tree really seems very you and I love how you have so many personal and meaningful decorations. That's what all Christmas trees should be like x

  7. Oh wow how amazing is your tree!! Love all the colours and how festive it it - bring on Christmas day :)

    Laura x

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