Love is an important part of my business (a clue is in its name) from designing and production to choosing the perfect recycled boxes my jewellery is lovingly packaged in. I take great pride in my packaging as its designed to make you feel like its your birthday! Heres a special handmade gift just for you! Its all about the details and when your order is handmade with love and care you can see it, feel it when you open the box and you’ll love wearing it forever. 

I started designing as soon as I could draw but it was only 5 years ago that  I quit my day job and started working on my childhood dream and now I’m a experienced confident designer making original, exclusive jewellery for your fashion pleasure! I work from my very own little crafty heaven, my home office. Its a happy little place where all my musings and day dreams come true! 

I work exclusively with acrylic in all its forms, mirrored, pearlescent, iridescent and my favourite of all, GLITTER! The brightness of the colours and the flawless finish you can achieve is a constant inspiration for me and I'm often found in my office staring into my sample box, wide eyed like a pirate discovering treasure! 

 When I wear a piece of my jewellery I feel proud, excited and the compliments are a nice bonus too! I always get a buzz when people ask me where I got it from! 

So, you've made an order, been excitedly looking out for the postman each day and the irresistible pink padded envelope is now in your hands! You carefully open the pretty packaging and theres a magical moment where it feels like its your birthday. Thats how I want every customer to feel when they unwrap an order from me. I want them to feel special because they are :)

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