I Love Cats Jumper DIY

trio cat jumepr 2.jpg

Got an old jumper you don't wear much? Got some ribbon? Love cats? If the answer is yes then you should make this jumper. Its easy, fun and would make a great Christmas pressie (thinking ahead!)

Heres how I did it: 

Get a BIG jumper, I got mine for £4 from a charity shop and I do like a bit of pink!

cat jumer 1-1.jpg

Using a pencil write what you want your message to say, this is for all the cat lovers out there. 

Then simply pin the ribbon into place, easy.

cat jumer 4-1.jpg

Using a friendly sewing machine (mines called Pricilla) stitch the ribbon into place, sew both edges of the ribbon so that it wont snag on anything. 

cat jumer 7-1.jpg

Voila! A I Love Cats jumper that anyone would be proud of!

cat jumer 10-1.jpg
cat jumer 12-1 copy.jpg