3 Reasons to join my Design Challenge!

If you're new to Patreon, it is the perfect place to support artists and makers you love on a monthly basis to help their creative endeavours and I'm so happy I decided to give myself a big creative challenge for 2018, to design and make a brand new jewellery collection every 2 months! 

The challenge is at the halfway mark and I'm now being supported by 40 lovely patreons! Their support means I get to focus on the challenge, try out new techniques and make I Love Crafty the best it can be!

I'd love you to get involved too and here's 3 reasons why you should:

1. Weekly Video Updates!

I keep my lovely patreons updated each week by making them a new video sharing how the challenge going and what it's like running a small business. 

I LOVE making these videos and to give you a little taster you can watch this weeks video where I give a behind the scenes look at my NEW Alice in Wonderland collection photo shoot and talk about the importance of keeping things simple. 

My Alice in Wonderland collection launches on 29th June (Friday night) at 8pm GMT. Take a look at the collection below!

2. Cool Rewards!

Join me on my creative quest by pledging an amount per month and in return I've created some super cool fun rewards for you to choose from and it's easy to cancel or upgrade your pledge at anytime, no problem  

Take a look at the rewards below!

besties dogs.jpg

$1 a month you get:

- Weekly behind the scenes videos!

- Take part in polls!

- Discount code on launch night!

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pin club.jpg

$4 a month you get:


- All Besties rewards plus...

- NEW enamel pin every 2 months!!!

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$15 a month you get:


- All Besties rewards plus...

- First pick of any piece of jewellery from the new collections before they launch!

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unicorns dogs.jpg

$30 a month you get:


- All Rainbow rewards plus...

 - 1 piece of jewellery EVERY MONTH!

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dreamers dogs.jpg

$75 a month you get:


- All other rewards plus...

- the WHOLE NEW COLLECTION!!! All the pieces, seriously!

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3. You'll be supporting me!

me 1.jpg

You know the phrase, "When you buy from a small business, a actual person does a little happy dance" well when I get a new patreon pledge I do the samba!

Your support and good vibes keep me going when times get tough, and being a self employed artist things do get tough. It's like having you there with me in my little home office, sipping a cup of tea and having a chat. 

One of my favourite things about starting my patreon page has been opening up about my business, sharing my process and creating a community of positive, kind hearted and generous people. It's the best! 

And here's another reason...if you need one

Now is a perfect time to join as this week my patreons are going to be voting on the theme for my NEW collection! 
It's a great chance to get involved from the very start of a collection from ideas and sketches to photographs and the launch night! Whoop!

My Design Challenge Collections so far!

dino mix 2.jpg

Dinosaur Collection!

For my first design challenge collection my patreons voted for a Dinosaur collection! Check it out here...

mixed 3.jpg

Best in Show Collection

My second collection, Best in Show is now on sale and I was so happy they voted for it! Check it out here...

I hope to share my creative journey with you soon!