Planning the Design Challenge!

Hi Lovelies!

Welcome to my first Design Challenge blog post! Whoop! This is gonna be one hell of a creative journey and I'm so happy your coming along for the ride! If you wanna know more about the challenge click here.

So before I start the challenge, which is to design and create a NEW jewellery collection every 2 months (when the most I've ever designed in a year by myself was 2) is to plan the thing! I not normally a very organised person who plans ahead but ion order for this to work I have to!

First, I roughly figured out how long it takes me to create a new collection, how many hours and days each process takes then I could work out how many collections I could make in a year. It kinda works out like this:

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 15.36.14.png
  • Week 1 - Design week. Making a mood board on pinterest and in my sketchbook, sketching and finalising the designs. 
  • Week 2 - Artwork Prep. Transferring my sketchbook drawings onto the computer, creating them digitally ready to be laser cut.
  • Week 3 - 1st Round of Prototypes. Send digital designs to Neil at the Bristol Design Forge for first look a laser cut designs. Check and make changes. 
  • Week 4 - 2nd Round of Prototypes. Check and finalise. Create cut sheets for Neil to laser cut. 
  • Week 5 - Laser Cutting! 
  • Week 6 - Making! Rainbows, Unicorns and Dreamers chose their pieces of jewellery from the collection before the collection goes on sale.   
  • Week 7 - Photography! Takes pictures, edit and upload them to the website as well as write the descriptions.
  • Week 8 - LAUNCH! Advertise on social media. Pack orders and send off to new homes!
Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 15.36.59.jpg

Repeat 6 times!

Once I have the weeks set out I can plan my days too and I'm not usually this organised so its super nice to look in my diary and know what I'm doing a whole 2 months ahead! It feels good to know I have a grip on things...hopefully!

But thats part of the challenge, seeing if it will work, what won't work, what changes I need to make and if it's even possible! Thats why I chose to do it on Patreon so my lovely patreons can come with me on my journey and give me that support and encouragement I need! 

You can also watch this weeks video here!

Thank you so much to my lovely Patreons for supporting me and making this challenge possible! If you'd like to join and keep up to date with the challenge right now join here!