Week 1 - Dinosaurs Designs!

It's week 1 of my Design Challenge and what a start already! Part of the challenge and one of the perks of becoming a Patreon is that they get to vote which collections I make and they voted for a Dinosaur collection! I'm excited but a little bit apprehensive as its defiantly a challenging theme, which seems quite fitting as it's the first collection! Dinosaurs doesn't seem like a natural fit to my normal design aesthetic with dinosaurs being quite brutal, natural, earthy tones and I'm more used to designing cute, fun and colourful subjects!

So the first thing I do when I'm designing is to create a mood board pinterest that I then print out and use in my sketchbook. Once the pictures are in my sketchbook I can annotate on it, doodle and start coming up with ideas. I also try to immerse myself in a theme so this week I have been wearing my dinosaur jumper, watched The Good Dinosaur and been to The Bristol museum where they have a dinosaur exhibit in search of inspiration.   

dinos week 1.jpg

I also look around my house for things connected to that theme to use as inspiration. My daughter Lux had a few dino toys that I've borrowed! 

dino book 4.jpg

At the Bristol Museum I came across a childresn book called "The Wonderful Egg" which I am in love with! I love its use of pastel colours, simple use of shapes and general tone and so I found my muse for the collection!

dino book 3.jpg

Every page is full of pastel beauty, who said dinosaurs had to be dull colours!

dino book 1.jpg

This book will defiantly help me give dinosaur jewellery the I Love Crafty makeover including glitter I think!

sketching dinos.jpg

Now my mind is brimming with ideas and it's time to sketch! I started off with some simple drawings of basic dinosaurs, a T-Rex, Triceratops and Stegosaurs as they are the dinosaurs I remember from when I was a kid watching The Land Before Time, which I watched all the time!

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 00.17.24.png
sketchbook dinos.jpg

Once I have some dino sketches it's time to think about them in terms of jewellery, how will they translate to a necklace or brooch. It's a tricky process and its hard not to judge the initial sketches and get a bit dishearten or get too attached to a particular design it what works as a drawing might not to wearable at all! It's all trail and error at this point and staying positive and visualising the cohesive collection at the end. It's easy to get stuck on the details when its more important at this point that the collection works as a whole. Colours, shapes and tone really help pull it all together at this stage and I'm already picturing the photographs at the end!  

sketchbook dinos 2.jpg

It's also crucial that the dino's have a I Love Crafty twist I so added hearts in various places much like My little Pony's details on their backs. I just really like this sense of nostalgic fun and charm. I don't see why a terrordactyl can't have hearts on its wings? 

As part of the challenge I want to push myself and experiment with my designs so I'm trying something new in the shape of moving pieces! I'm so excited and can't wait to see if it will work. I'll show you the results next week and fingers crossed it works!

You can watch my video diary for this week here!

Next week I'll be finalising the designs and prepping them to be transferred into the computer! Whoop!

Thank you so much to my lovely Patreons for supporting me and making this challenge possible! If you'd like to join and keep up to date with the challenge right now join here!