Week 3 - Dinosaur Prototypes Round 1

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 14.56.09.png

Welcome back to my Design Challenge and it's week 3! This week I'm making the first round of prototypes for my Dinosaur jewellery! Let's see how they turn out!

First off we sent the finished digital artwork (you can watch last weeks video here) to Neil at the Bristol Design Forge where he cut the prototypes from 3mm white acrylic. I love going to the workshop and watching the laser cutter do its thing! It's so hypnotic the way it engraves from side to side and cuts so quickly. 

week 3 dinos pics 1.jpg

I then take the pieces home and start construction! This is the fun and scary part to see what changes need to be made, what works and what doesn't work. As well and piecing and glueing them together I also colour then in using sharpie pens to help give me a idea of the colours. I make the prototypes in white as its a cheaper option and I don't want to waste all my pretty colours while testing!

week 3 dinos pics 3.jpg

The landscape necklace is off to a great start! I'm going to add a few hearts to his back (because why not), make the smoke lines thinner, make the lava flows bigger and off set the dinos footprints. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 15.07.51.png

The ring is getting a few changes, starting with making the dinos head bigger and giving him bigger teeth so he looks more fearsome!

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 15.09.37.png

I am so excited and pleased with the way the T-Rex earrings are looking! I love his moving jaw! The only thing is that he's looking a little bit bare so I'm going to be adding some hearts somewhere to keep him cohesive with the rest of the collection. 

week 3 dinos pics 2.jpg

Oh my the Stegosaurs Necklace is off to a roaring start! His legs move (YES) and his glittery spikes on his back look gorgeous! I'm going to be spacing out some of his little spikes to make it easier to get the jump ring in place at the top but other than that he's pretty much ready to go!

week 3 dinos pics 5.jpg

The Dino's in Love Brooch is looking great too! I'm going to try making them a little smaller as these guys are pretty huge for a brooch so we'll see how they turn out next week!

week 3 dinos pics 6.jpg

The Triceratops Necklace looks so cute! I'm loving her little heart toes and hearts on her back! I've tried out a glitter effect here that I'm not completely sure about but I fancied experimenting! I'm going to thicken the engrave on her frill on her head and move the hole on her back so when she's hanging from the chain she's nice a straight. 

You are dino-mite pin colour 2.jpg

And thank you Patreons for voting for this colour option for my dino pin! This will be a fab addition to the final collection! They have been ordered so should arrive in the next few weeks! 

So now me and Jon will sit down and make those changes to the designs in time for round 2 of prototypes next week! Whoop!

You can watch my video diary for this week here!

Thank you so much to my lovely Patreons for supporting me and making this challenge possible! If you'd like to join and keep up to date with the challenge right now join here!