Week 4 - Dinosaur Prototypes Round 2!


Welcome back to my Design Challenge and it's week 4! This week I'm making the second round of prototypes for my Dinosaur jewellery!

With my new batch of prototypes and all the changes made from last week (you can read about it here) its time to see how the collection is coming together! 

week 4 blog pic 2.png

The Triceratops Necklace is finished! With the few small changes that I made last week she is ready to go!

week 4 blog pic 5.png

The Dino's in Love Brooch was made a little smaller and looks much better. The perfect size brooch and super adorable!

week 4 blog pic 6.png

The Landscape Necklace looks awesome! I added another layer of acrylic in the background as a pretty sunset as well as making the other changes! Whoop! 

week 4 blog pic 7.png

The Stegosaurs Necklace is also ready to be laser cut next week! She's looking pretty perfect!

week 4 blog pic 1.jpg

I made the dinos head and teeth larger on the ring and he looks much more fearsome now! I love how the engraving is working really well too!


And with the T-Rex Earrings I made 2 versions with added hearts and my Patreons are currently voting between them, I wonder which one they will chose! You can join my challenge and vote here!

The acrylic also arrived this week, I'm loving the pastel colours and that pink glitter for the lava on the volcanoes on the Landscape Necklace! Amazing! All ready for next week! 

I've also been planning the packaging that the dino's will come in. I like to imagine my customers receiving their order and what they'd like to see and feel when they open it up. I sketched my designs and designed some fun, pun related thank you cards to put in every box. I also made a stamp of dino footprints so it looks like the dinos have been walking around inside the box! Cute! 

I'm also really enjoying documenting the challenge so far! Its really cool to see just how much work I can do in 4 weeks and a BIG thank you to my Patreons who keep me going!

Next week it's time to laser cut the whole collection! I can't wait to see how the dino's come out in the pastel colours! 

You can watch my video diary for this week here!

Thank you so much to my lovely Patreons for supporting me and making this challenge possible! If you'd like to join and keep up to date with the challenge right now join here!