Elsa's Blueberry and White Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe!

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My go-to baking theme is Disney films! I really enjoyed Frozen and thought that I would make a chilled blue cheesecake inspired by Elsa. 

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I think the simple white chocolate snow flake design worked really well and of course, sprinkle some edible glitter and edible blue lustre dust on top for a beautiful "frozen" effect! PLUS add some popping candy for an exciting cheesecake to mimic cracking ice just like Elisa creates!

To make my Elsa's Blueberry, White Chocolate and Popping Candy Cheesecake you'll need:

2 cups of crushed digestive biscuits
3/4 cup butter, softened

1 cup of cream cheese, at room temperature
1 cup icing sugar sifted
1 cup heavy cream, whipped with 2 TBS powdered sugar
1 TBS vanilla essence
1-1/2 cups blueberries

1 cup of melted white chocolate

Blue food colouring


1 packet of popping candy

1/2 cup of melted white chocolate for snowflake

Edible glitter

Edible blue lustre dust

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PREHEAT oven to 350 degrees. (This is just for the crust)
Mix together crushed biscuit and butter in a bowl until well incorporated and crumbly. Press into a pan and bake for 8 minutes; cool completely.

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Beat together the cream cheese, icing sugar and vanilla and set aside. Beat the heavy whipping cream and 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar until peaks form. Add this to the cream cheese mixture and mix well. 

cheesecake 4.png

Add your blueberries, white chocolate and blue food colouring. 

cheesecake 7.png

Spoon the cream cheese filling into prepared crust. Smooth the top with a spatula, and refrigerate until firm, about 2 to 3 hours.

cheesecake 8.png

I should have left mine in a little longer but I couldn't wait to decorate it!

cheesecake 9.png

Spoon your cooled melted chocolate into a piping bag to make the large snowflake. Simply draw lines across the cheesecake and then add smaller lines to them to create the snowflake effect. I drew 1 too many lines across my cheesecake so removed it!

cheesecake 13.png

Sprinkle lots edible glitter and edible blue lustre dust on top, go crazy! And don't forget the popping candy

cheesecake 14.png

This is such a tasty and simple cheesecake recipe, I think children and adults would love this for a Frozen themed party and it would be a fab dessert at Christmas!